The Sootram Brand

The confidence you get from the clear thinking that we have, while creating Sootram.

In the matchmaking segment, there are big, established brands already in the market for decades together. Selecting an identity that helps us position the new venture, new solution, required thinking through.

  • SOOTRAM सूत्रम as the brand was selected after brainstorming upon names like “parivaram”, “suniti” “kalyanam” etc. The main reason was to underline the thought that just as the thread, the सूत्र keeps the flowers together, the SOOTRAM सूत्रम will be the force that will keep the family together. (Of course, also, the domain name availability!)
  • The byline “SECRET OF TOGETHERNESS” was carefully crafted too – building upon the previous idea (the force that will keep the family together); we needed to actually have clarity on those elements that we can call “secret of togetherness”. The founders have identified the three elements that keep the family together at various stages – (1) Compatibility, (2) Constitution of family and (3) the Cause that the family pursues.
  • Further, the logo was designed with Lord Ganesh on the top; denoting auspiciousness and divine blessings to the married couple and relationship all through.

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