Sootram Profile Policy

Please read the Sootram Profile Policy carefully:

  1. AGE: Sootram publishes matchmaking profiles in the age-group of 18-30 only. It is only in exceptional cases that we may publish profiles up to maximum age of 48; ONLY IF the profile has been created before the age of 45.
  2. CULTURAL ORIENTATION: Sootram primarily handles Hindu (Sanatani) profiles and those for Jain, Bouddh, Sikh, etc. Sootram reserves rights to decline publishing profiles of cultural orientation/s other than what Sootram normally accepts, is capable of handling.
  3. GENDER: We accept only the straight male and straight female profiles.
  4. MIN. SCORE: Candidates shall be required to accomplish certain minimum score to gain entry to matchmaking department. The score shall be awarded when they complete Sootram Modules. This process may take between 3-6 months.
  5. PHOTO: For profile creation, you need – (1) face photo, (2) full height photo, (3) photo with parents, and (4) photo in informal dress. Additional photos can be submitted later after Sootram profile has been set-up. Photos must be in JPG format.
  6. BIODATA: To begin with, you need to provide biodata (in PDF format). Give as much details as you can on this biodata. Sootram Adviser shall review the same and help you refine it both for the information and linguistics.
  7. COMPATIBILITY FACTORS: Sootram has built a comprehensive set of Compatibility Factors that help you find the suitable match. We use an offline mechanism to match the Compatibility Factors; and these Compatibility Factors are never displayed on the website / App.
  8. ELIGIBILITY: Sootram has, in addition to the profile parameters listed here, certain additional check-points to ascertain eligibility of the candidates. To give an example, these may be about addictions. If during the initial counselling, we find that candidates do not meet these eligibility criteria, then, we reserve rights to decline profile creation on Sootram platform/s.
  9. GAP BETWEEN REGISTRATION & PROFILE CREATION: In most cases, candidates may be required to undergo certain modules before they are given access to profile creation. Hence, there may be a gap between registration and profile creation. This gap may be anything between 7 days to 6 months, depending on how quickly the candidates undertake the required modules.
  10. PROFILE VERIFICATION: Sootram may verify details of the candidate and her/his background by asking for copies of supporting documents and/or home visit and/or reference checks.
  11. PROFILE DISPLAY FIELDS: Sootram publishes minimal data on its website / app. Candidates’ full data is maintained in off-line mode to ensure privacy and for security reasons.
  12. PROFILE SUSPENSION: Suspicious and abuse of facilities on Sootram platform/s may result in profile suspension with or without prior information sent to members. Examples of these suspicious activities and abuse of Sootram are, but not limited to, sharing provocative image, vulgar messages, sharing unwarranted links, sharing personal / sensitive remarks, sharing marketing and promotional messages, etc.
  13. CONSENT FOR MEMBERSHIP POLICIES: All “FREE” and “PAID members creating profiles and / or attending awareness sessions and modules are requested to read Sootram General Policies

Updated on 25 Aug. 2023.

Sootram Code of Ethics

The Sootram Code of Ethics is binding for Sootram team/s, Sootram advisers, Sootram subscribers and customers and all other associates.

  • TRANSPERANCY – To provide complete and correct information / data / image, etc. in all the communications, conversation, chat, formal & informal email, letter, promotional material, etc.
  • INTENT – Adhering to the Laws of Karm, to never even think of disservice to anyone with whom we interact in course of acquaintance through Sootram platform.
  • FAIRNESS – To treat everyone as capable and wise enough to take their own decision; Being fair in discharging own role.

(Also, as a partner with Naitik, we follow a 10-point SOP to fulfill requirements for an ethical business.)

Updated on 25 Aug. 2023.

Sootram Policies – All visitors

Pricing Policy

  • Sootram offers three subscription plans –
Fee₹5₹ 3990₹ 6990
Points awarded on joining50150500
Number of modules accessible83361
Points awarded for completing modules80330610
Max possible score for joining group1304801110
  • Revenue utilization (Approximate distribution) – 50-55% Software maintenance + 10-15% Reach-out programs & projects + 5-8% staff salaries + 15-20% community / social work / संस्कृति-संस्कार संवर्धन + 10-12% support for financially weak families
  • Pricing is subject to change from time to time.

Updated on 25 Aug. 2023.

Privacy Policy

1. What information does Sootram collect from you?

We gather all the essential matrimonial related information from the users. This includes information related to self, family, contact information, education, employment, interests and expectations / views on Partner Preferences.

2. With whom does the site share the collected information?

The information collected from our users is only shared with the activated users who have completed their respective profile. Sootram does not sell or rent any identifiable information regarding its members to any third party. We are bound to share information with third party and cooperate when it is required by law or legal process to disclose required information for any investigation.

Further, as you are aware that Sootram is more than a matchmaking platform; (and, rather a solution for well-being of a family, where we put together modules for management of family wellbeing) hence, depending on members’ consent, we may share data with other kind of service providers who offer programs and products other than what Sootram does; only when these service providers are part of group of businesses and entities that Sootram belongs to.

3. How will Sootram contact you?

The Sootram team will contact you from time to time to update you on various features and functionalities of the website. They will contact you on the information provided by you on telephone number(s), Email and Social networking sites.

4. Why do we collect various documents and certificates?

To attempt that only genuine members participate. The documents and certificates are only visible to administrator of the website. Whereas this precaution is being taken, yet we do not accept any legal responsibility on the veracity of these documents.

5. What are the various categories of members visiting our website?

Visitors to our website can be categorized as:

  • Guest Visitors
  • Registered members (who have filled up less than 60% profile)
  • Activated members (who have filled up 60% plus profile and submitted supporting documents and certificates including identification documents)
  • Paid members (who have paid the fee to initiate communication with other activated members)

6. What is the information that guest visitors to our website can view/access, our members whose profiles have been activated?

A guest visitor has no access to any information of activated members.

7. What are the details of an active member, which can be accessed by other active members?

As a matter of fact, all important details and photograph(s), such as:

  • Basic details like marital status, height, age etc.
  • Information about religion, mother tongue, and caste
  • Details about family, educational background, and job
  • Other miscellaneous information pertaining to Health Issues etc.

8. What are the details of an active member, which cannot be accessed by other active (unpaid) members?

We respect your privacy. Hence all the personal information is hidden even from activated members. This contains name of the candidates, documents and certificate, Mail ID, Phone Number, Residential Address.

9. What are the details that a paid member can see of other activated members (paid and unpaid both)?

Paid members can see every important profile detail which includes Name, Phone Number, Email id, etc. However, documents will not be visible to any member. A paid member can also send unlimited messages to any other member, whether paid or unpaid. Responding or not responding to the received private message is the prerogative of the recipient. There is a provision available for you to check if your message has been read or not (double tick, black and blue like you see in WhatsApp)

Acceptance by members – Members who sign-up for any level of Sootram membership / services are deemed to have read, understood, and accepted these policies.

Updates – We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time based on your comments or because of a change of policy in our company. For updating the members, we reach out to them through email / website announcements, and in case we do not receive any response, it will be assumed that you have understood the updated privacy policy and accept the same.

Contact – If you have any questions/concerns regarding our Privacy Statement, please write in to

Updated on 25 Aug. 2023.

Refund & Cancellations

All registered unpaid members are provided free access to (1) part of database (2) precise information of approximate number of relevant profiles available for them within the specifications provided by them and (3) adequate orientation before registration about the value preposition in taking a paid membership of Sootram community.

If, after registration process for any reason, the site admin finds the submission ineligible for any reason, then a full-refund shall be provided. This usually shall happen within 48-96 hours after submission of online registration. Sootram is not bound to furnish reasons for declining registration.

Hence, it is expected that payment is made to us after ascertaining utility from potential member’s perspective. ­­­­­­­­­__(in formation)__ Pvt. Ltd. (Sootram) therefore shall not accept any request for full or partial refund of payment.

Updated on 25 Aug. 2023.


It may be noted that the website Sootram, promoted by __(in formation)__ Pvt. Ltd. (Sootram) is purely to facilitate matchmaking among various segments of the society; and to educate the members on various decision points pre-and post-marriage scenario. We have attempted to take certain precautions to offer you meaningful database and learning modules. However, Sootram as an entity does not accept any legal responsibility or risk originating from wrong or inaccurate data presented by any of the member(s). Sootram also does not take any responsibility for the outcome of decision taken by members on selecting life partners, and for the experience they have during the matrimonial discussion and / or post-marriage situations.

Updated on 25 Aug. 2023.