Sootram is matchmaking + a lot more.

It is the secret of togetherness for family life.
  • Pre-matchmaking guidance
  • Matchmaking
  • Post-marriage guidance

Marriage – A Critical Decision

We pay huge with time and money for driving, for gym, for visa agent, for vacations, for weekends. Why ignore the critical decision of marriage (?) that will control quality of life for the rest of life...?

profiles registered / processing

Register with complete confidence. Your data is maintained in offline mode. Absolutely SAFE!

Common Questions

What kind of pre-matchmaking and post-marriage support is provided?

  • Pre-matchmaking guidance – profile preparation, preparation for family life, support to parents for handling discussions
  • Post-marriage guidance – factors that are vital for QoL (Quality of Life) and prosperity of a family. We use the Addwit Framework for prosperity and family well-being.

You will get full information about full menu of the modules when you register for ‘FREE’ of higher level of subscription.

What happens after I submit my details on ‘Registration’ page?

One of the Sootram Adviser will contact you for validation of basic details submitted therein. Please note that “Registration” is NOT the profile creation. Profile creation (and assistance for it) shall be available once your registration process is completed.

I cannot see profiles of suitable matches.

In the current version (Sootram 1.0), we maintain all the profiles and supporting documents, photos’, etc. only in offline mode. This is done so, to ensure safety of users’ data and to secure their personal dignity. Suitable profiles shall be suggested to you by Sootram Advisors. Matchmaking happens with off-line software and discussions. This software has been developed exclusively for Sootram.

Is the Sootram system suitable for urban, progressive well-educated youth like me?

It surely is suitable for you. Three reasons –

  1. Most of urban, progressive, well-educated youth have lived in 4th / 5th generation of nuclear family. In the process, the ‘art of passing on skills of parenting’ has withered away.
  2. Look deep within – you too know that being progressive and well-educated does not imply that you chase career and money. You too have a silent longing for a peaceful family life.
  3. Being well-educated, you know the importance of preparing for new life-positions. Sootram system is designed to do exactly this – prepare you for upcoming life-position as a family person. Let us assure you – this role is positively adventurous.

How can I become a Sootram Advisor?

Please select option #4 in the Contact Us form. You will require to upload your introduction in a PDF or WORD file.